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      your base

      All our professionalism, all your creativity: together we create bases and personalised recipes that give life to a unique and inimitable gelato: your gelato.

      We have developed ‘Create Your Base’, a solution that allows us to bring our team of experts into contact with our ice gelato-making friends to create unique products and bases based on your working methods, equipment and needs.

      Original and unique,
      yours and no one else's.

      1. “Create your own Base”, the project to make a unique and inimitable ice cream: your own ice cream.

      2. You can customise it with pure or concentrated pastes created to your exact specifications.

      3. You can dress it with ripple gelato that you conceive and we then make with passion and craftsmanship.

      4. You serve it with the passion and love of someone who offers something unique.

      Personalisation will be in keeping with all the rules of confidentiality to protect our customers.

      Create your base in 5 steps


      together we will analyse your needs and your production methods.


      together we then assess several solutions proposed by our gelato workshop.


      after finding the best solutions, we prepare a sample that you can test directly in your workshop and propose to your customers.


      once the sample is approved, we prepare a minimum quantity so you can offer it to your customers and assess its success in your local market.


      after final approval (name), it will be produced in the amounts and times planned, with name and packaging produced exclusively for you.

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