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Quint’Essenza: the secrets of the most Italian of citrus fruits in MarcaGel’s new line

When the MarcaGel team started exploring the new flavours and taste trends of artisan gelato for 2020, one of the first choices was to focus on citrus fruits. Mandarin, bergamot, orange and lemon have become part of consumer habits, with the delicate freshness of their distinctive tastes. But one was missing: chinotto, the most Italian and characteristic of fruits, so Italian indeed as to keep its name in German, English and French.

Like nearly all citrus fruits, chinotto probably originates in China, and was imported into Italy between the end of the 16th and the beginning of the 17th century by a navigator from Savona. Five centuries of patient selection work have created a plant that produces small fruits with unique sensorial characteristics for its flavour intensity and fragrance.

Chinotto is considered a fruit rich in beneficial properties, and is excellent for good digestion. Phytotherapeutic extracts are extracted that are also good for preventing and curing insomnia.

The initial interest derives from chinotto being an essence used in perfumes, and from having many antioxidants, thus making it excellent for storing on board sailing vessels as a source of vitamins for crews. The first industrial crops seem to date back to the 1800s in Liguria, where chinotto was processed and candied to accompany the delicate taste of absinthe. It now grows in Liguria also spontaneously.

Today, chinotto is grown only in Italy: fragrant, intense and involving, it is really the all-Italian citrus fruit, promoted also by its own “Chinotto Archconfraternity “.

Such a strong flavour could not be missing from the new Quint’Essenza MarcaGel line of preparations for summer 2020. Created to offer the scents and suggestions of the Mediterranean, this pure paste contains no preservatives, artificial colours or aromas, it is rich in essential oils and the fruit is harvested at the right level of ripeness, when it is replete with the scents of nature, sun and virtue.

Quint’Essenza MarcaGel proposes 5 new pastes, from the most classic of orange, lemon and mandarin to the rediscovery of ancient flavours, which we have transformed into trendy tastes such as chinotto and bergamot. All are worked with the care and attention of those who respect nature, know the products, and the secrets of making them precious.

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