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      Ecofriendly Bases

      Discover the new eco-friendly bases for artisanal gelato

      Cold process base mixes made with certified top-quality ingredients. They allow you to save costs, time, energy,
      and on packaging while ensuring smooth, creamy, premium-quality gelato.

      Less energy, more safety: Our new Eco-Friendly powdered base mixes are perfect
      for the cold process, helping you save on your electricity bill!

      Less water, more flavour: Pasteurisation requires large amounts of water to cool the mixture.
      But with the cold process, you need half the amount, which means savings for you and less waste for the planet.

      Shorter process time, more time to enjoy: The cold process also means spending less time preparing
      and cleaning pasteurisation machinery.

      Less waste, more flexibility: With our Maya and Adele Eco-Friendly bases,
      you can forget about bottles of milk and bags of sugar
      because they’re already complete with powdered milk, the safest on the market.

      Fewer worries, higher yield: Our new Eco-Friendly powdered bases are made with top quality ingredients,
      ensuring durability and excellent overrun for surprising results.

      More quality, more MarcaGel: Our new Eco-Friendly bases are convenient and easy to use.
      Made with certified top-quality ingredients from controlled sources,
      they offer all the safety and wholesomeness guaranteed by MarcaGel.

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