MarcaGel has always believed in the value of communication and is renowned for the innovative and original way it operates in the field. All of the company’s new developments – and the communication of these to the public over the years – have helped to strengthen an image of success and modernity.
Because publicity works… when we’re ready to welcome it.

Join us on a journey through the last 20 years of MarcaGel!

Crazy Nut's

Year: 2016
Title: Crazy Nut's
Description: A band of rogue nuts merges with a rich peanut gianduja and two cascades of soft colours, giving life to a kit that is perfect for making a cheerful ice-cream with a strong, distinctive flavour. This is ice-cream that will put a smile on your face.

Red Kefir

Year: 2016
Title: Red Kefir
Description: The magic of the East meets the ice-cream of the West to create a rich variegated ginger kefir enriched with goji berries and raspberries – an utterly tempting fusion.


Year: 2016
Title: Bueno
Description: Soft white chocolate covered by a fragrant and crunchy variegated pistachio coating – the real pleasure of those in the know.

The Minibons

Year: 2016
Title: The Minibons
Description: A funny combination of colours and fantasy, with an explosive irresistible taste.

Heidi Yog

Year: 2016
Title: Heidi Yog
Description: Our yogurt of goat, from the resolved and impeccable taste, for gourmets.


Year: 2014
Title: Spongel
Description: Ice cream flavoured with biscuit and vanilla and decorating with fun coloured lettering


Year: 2014
Title: Hugo
Description: From aperitif to ice cream, the flavours of prosecco, elderflower, lime and mint combine for this ready-made, easy-to-use product


Year: 2014
Title: Ladydor
Description: Indulgent milk chocolate with a soft, enduringly intense chocolate sauce


Year: 2013
Title: Yolunder
Description: Ready-made yogurt base flavoured with elderflower and elderflower berries


Year: 2012
Title: Mocha
Description: Winning combination of chocolate and coffee ice cream with a white chocolate sauce

Orange Elixir

Year: 2010
Title: Elisir d’orange
Description: Ready-made base flavoured with cream and honey and completed by an apricot and orange sauce

Black Bomb

Year: 2010
Title: Black Bomb
Description: A real black bomb made from only the finest dark chocolate, for pleasure in its purest form

Sliced milk

Year: 2010
Title: Sliced milk
Description: Graphic restyling of the success story that is Marcagel, this time sliced milk becomes both a dessert and a cake thanks to our practical dessert kit

Toasted coconut

Year: 2010
Title: Toasted coconut
Description: Oven-toasted coconut, from an age-old Brazilian tradition


Year: 2010
Title: Pingoo
Description: the runaway success of sliced milk gets a crunchy chocolate makeover and is transformed into both dessert and cake thanks to our handy dessert kit


Year: 2009
Title: Amalfi
Description: A complete, perfectly balanced base for the preparation of a supreme lemon ice cream free from all milk products. Our master ice cream makers have paired it with a mango sauce

Asia, Arianna and Grancioccolato

Year: 2009
Title: Asia, Arianna and Grancioccolato
Description: A new generation of bases enriched with powdered cream and milk protein


Year: 2009
Title: Coccojeans
Description: A great success of the past pulls on some jeans once again, this time a low-waisted pair. Light coconut…with good taste!


Year: 2009
Title: Toppings
Description: Graphic restyling and some new recipes for our toppings, with more fruit and more flavour than ever before

My King

Year: 2009
Title: My King
Description: Creamy milk-flavoured ice cream with soft gianduja sauce, indulgent fudge cream and crunchy hazelnut nuggets

Petit Delice

Year: 2009
Title: Petit Delice
Description: Sumptuous pistachio ice cream with a dark chocolate sauce, decorated with crunchy toasted flaked almonds


Year: 2008
Title: Madagascar
Description: The unmistakeable, delicate taste of Madagascar vanilla, combined here with the Merengue sauce featuring the exotic and refined flavours of Maracuja and guava

Brasilian Temptation

Year: 2008
Title: Merengue, Mambo and Pachanga from the Brazilian Temptation line
Description: Energy in its purest form, South Africa brings us new tastes, colours and perfumes: Caja, Caju, Guava, Morango, Maracuja and Acai. Painstakingly selected and blended to leave their natural characteristics intact


Year: 2008
Title: Marte
Description: Malt ice cream with a soft white chocolate and creamy fudge sauce


Year: 2008
Title: Pippo
Description: Creamy hazelnut sauce, paired here with soft white chocolate and fragrant meringue


Year: 2008
Title: Dragon
Description: Indulgent green ice cream with a fruity flavour, decorated with crackling chocolate grain topping and finished off with intriguing “dragon eyes” (longans)


Year: 2008
Title: Flash
Description: Imaginative blue ice cream flavoured with marzipan and decorated with crackling strawberry grain

Iris, Angelica, Carlotta, Venere

Year: 2008
Title: Iris, Angelica, Carlotta, Venere
Description: New range of bases meeting the modern ice cream maker’s need to present their creations in cutting-edge display cases

Pure pine nut paste, pure pistachio paste, pure peanut paste, pure almond paste

Year: 2007
Title: Pure pine nut paste, pure pistachio paste, pure peanut paste, pure almond paste
Description: We carefully select and meticulously toast the nuts for out pure pastes, where the only ingredient added is our know-how

Sliced milk

Year: 2007
Title: Sliced milk
Description: A complete base for a Fior di Latte ice cream infused with honey, perfect for pairing with a soft chocolate sponge cake made using a secret recipe


Year: 2007
Title: Speedylight
Description: A range of easy- and quick-to-use products with no sucrose, milk products, gluten or GMOs

Speedylight arancello liqueur, peach and limoncello

Year: 2007
Title: Speedylight arancello liqueur, peach and limoncello
Description: New flavours join the speedylight series, our range of ready-made products containing no sucrose


Year: 2007
Title: Pythagoras
Description: The perfect balance between research and creativity, a pure cashew paste that works fantastically with raspberry sauce

Speedy Yog

Year: 2007
Title: Raspberrylight sauce, strawberrylight sauce, forest fruitslight sauce
Description: A range of sauces sweetened only with fruit


Year: 2007
Title: Zoe
Description: The top of the range, for those who want only the best for their artisanal ice cream


Year: 2006
Title: Caramellino
Description: Cinnamon biscuit with fudge sauce and crunchy topping


Year: 2006
Title: Sugarfree
Description: A base for the creation of quality fruit ice cream with no sucrose or milk products

Speedy Yog Light

Year: 2006
Title: Speedy Yog Light
Description: Ready-made yogurt that’s easy and quick to use and contains no sucrose, gluten or GMOs


Year: 2006
Title: Yogomania
Description: Ready-made yoghurt base flavoured with raspberry and enriched with crunchy chocolate biscuit and a raspberry topping

Bounti Mango

Year: 2005
Title: Bounti Mango
Description: Exotic pleasure, coconut ice cream perfumed with mango and finished with a milk chocolate sauce

The Giotto

Year: 2005
Title: The "Giotto"
Description: White chocolate sauce with hazelnut and crunchy biscuit grain topping, perfect for pairing with Fior di Latte, hazelnut or gianduja ice creams and ideal on cakes and semifreddos


Year: 2005
Title: Africa and the Chocolate Passion line
Description: We’ve followed the trend of spiced chocolates, the best cacao from Ecuador and Mexico mixed with cinnamon for a smooth chocolate paste

Gypsy from the Chocolate Passion line

Year: 2005
Title: Gypsy from the Chocolate Passion line
Description: We followed the trend of spiced chocolates by taking the best cacao from Ecuador and Mexico and adding a sprinkling of ginger to this smooth paste

Mexico from the Chocolate Passion series

Year: 2005
Title: Mexico from the Chocolate Passion series
Description: We followed the trend of spiced chocolates by taking the best cacao from Ecuador and Mexico and adding a hit of intriguing chilli to this smooth paste


Year: 2005
Title: Jamaica from the Chocolate Passion line
Description: We followed the trend of spiced chocolates by taking the best cacao from Ecuador and Mexico and adding a sprinkling of ginger to this smooth paste


Year: 2005
Title: Orangecake
Description: The magical taste of chocolate orange with a dark chocolate sauce oozing personality


Year: 2005
Title: Sniky
Description: Caramel ice cream with gianduja and peanut sauce with crunchy peanut grain topping


Year: 2005
Title: Yogoret
Description: Ready-made yoghurt base flavoured with strawberry, perfect for pairing with a milk chocolate sauce

Crema di Maggio

Year: 2002
Title: Crema di Maggio
Description: The fresh, creamy taste of this fresh cheese in ice cream form, to enjoy in combination with the 2000 Marcagel sauces range


Year: 1997
Title: MarcaYog
Description: Our interpretation of the classic yogurt flavour, where creaminess is king

Granvaniglia 50

Year: 1996
Title: Granvaniglia 50
Description: A ready-made, easy-to-use base for the most classic of flavours

Good ice cream is an art

Year: 1996
Title: Good ice cream is an art
Description: Comparisons with Caravaggio may seem like blasphemy, but we truly believe that good ice cream is art

Someone has a sweet tooth

Year: 1995
Title: Someone has a sweet tooth
Description: Marcagel’s iconic poster, an image that has become symbolic of the company